“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

- Sir Isaac Newton

There are many individuals, organizations and nurseries who have worked hard over the years to provide seeds, plants and other resources to our Arizonan communities. 

Below we provide resources for learning more about Sonoran Desert native plants, their care, where to get the best available materials like seeds, and other resources. We’ve included native plant nurseries offering a wide range of appropriate plants.

Take a look at the resources below and remember –Plant Native!

Resources on Sonoran Desert Plants

From our partners the Arizona Native Plant Society (AZNPS), Phoenix Chapter:

Grow Native - a movement AZNPS initiated in order to educate and inform local residents to utilize our existing natural ecosystem to better serve the health of our environment by reducing the amount of invasive plant species being sold commercially.

Invasive Plants - when mentioning invasive plants species, we are specifically referring to the hostile proliferation of plants that do real harm to the local ecosystem.

Nurseries in AZ

There are several nurseries in the area where you can find a good selection of native plants. Click on the link below to see a list:

Metro Phoenix Retail Nurseries

You can see a map of the native plant nurseries in our region on the Arizona Native Plant Society’s website. Take a look at the map:

Local Growers